Baby Shower

I was invited to a friend’s baby shower to celebrate the expected birth of her first baby. Throughout the ceremony we were involved in playing baby bingo, predicting when the baby was born including time, weight and facial features and pin the dummy on the baby. In addition, the mum-to-be and her closest friends had a picnic together, ate some homemade cupcakes and then the mum-to-be opened her cards and gifts in the presence of her friends.

Pregnant Woman holding Baby Girl Helium Balloon
Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower Sweet Table for Guests
Baby Shower Gazebo and Table Set Up
Mum-to-Be and Her friend
Table set up with cupcakes, baby girl presents and baby shower games
Mummy-to-Be and her friend holding baby shower photo booth props
Mummy-to-Be and her Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower - Mummy-to-Be and her Friends Celebrating Baby Shower
Mummy-to-Be Opening up Baby Shower Gifts
Homemade Strawberry Cupcakes for the Baby Shower
Baby Shower Baby Prediction Card
Baby Shower Game - Baby Bingo
Myself and the mum-to-be
Mum-to-be opening her baby shower card
Baby Shower Game - Pin the Dummy on the Baby

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